Concorde Antares Master Plan

Concorde Antares Master Plan embodies a visionary blueprint for an unparalleled residential sanctuary located in the vibrant precincts of Yelahanka New Town, Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore. This ambitious high-rise apartment project meticulously encompasses an array of brilliantly designed 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments within its architectural framework. The Master Plan intricately orchestrates space optimization, seamlessly marrying functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Concorde Antares apartment masterplan by Concorde Group located at Yelahanka New Town, Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore. Karnataka

In the Concorde Antares Master Plan, a pivotal focus lies in crafting a holistic living milieu. It exhibits meticulously planned open spaces, lush green landscapes, and recreational zones intricately integrated into the complex. By purposefully emphasizing ample greenery and serene landscapes, it cultivates an oasis of tranquillity within the vibrant urban setting.

Within the Concorde Antares Master Plan, apartment placement is meticulously planned to optimize natural light and airflow, enriching the residential ambiance. The incorporation of modern amenities guarantees a lifestyle defined by unparalleled comfort and ease. Ranging from top-notch fitness centres, enticing swimming pools, and picturesque jogging tracks tailored for fitness enthusiasts to exclusive children’s play zones and extensive community spaces fostering social bonds, every aspect caters comprehensively to varied resident requirements.

Moreover, the Master Plan underscores a commitment to sustainability, embracing eco-friendly practices and initiatives. The project actively seeks to minimize its environmental footprint while cultivating a sustainable and health-conscious habitat for its inhabitants.

Seamless connectivity and accessibility are pivotal facets seamlessly woven into the Master Plan’s fabric. Nestled in the thriving precincts of Yelahanka New Town, residents enjoy seamless access to key infrastructural amenities including renowned educational institutions, healthcare facilities, bustling shopping centres, and entertainment hubs. Additionally, the project’s strategic proximity to major transportation arteries ensures effortless connectivity to the broader expanse of Bangalore.

The Concorde Antares Master Plan encapsulates Concorde Group’s dedication to nurturing not merely residences but vibrant communities. Its meticulously curated design, unwavering focus on sustainability, comprehensive array of amenities, and strategic positioning converge to offer an unparalleled living experience tailored to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of contemporary urban denizens.

So, the Concorde Antares Master Plan stands as a testament to innovation, sustainability, and luxurious comfort. Its meticulously crafted design, lush landscapes, contemporary amenities, and prime location coalesce to redefine the paradigm of contemporary living, setting a new zenith in the sphere of high-rise apartment projects in Bangalore. This masterful blueprint ensures that Concorde Antares transcends the realm of mere housing, embodying an ethos of elevated living.

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Concorde Antares master plan has got approx 81% towards the open space.